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Get CommunistsForKerry.com Email Address!


We now offer to each comrade and comradochka a unique and heroic opportunity to support the Party by getting the "communistsforkerry" e-mail address through the Day of the Revolution (otherwise known as Election Day). Scroll down for further instructions.

Distributed on first-come-first-serve basis to Party members. All others go back to the line and examine this educational propagandistic art while you wait.

The Politbureau has received many written requests to offer this service to the toling masses of our great Motherland. Below is a typical letter:


While the People have shown exemplary good will and proletarian compassion and understanding in supporting the Party, it is a sad truth that in the current limbo of transition to Communism, capitalist exploitation units (otherwise masquerading under the duplicitous term "dollars" in this still unenlightened polity) must continue to be used. To this end, this comrade suggests that the Party begin offering email addresses, for a nominal mandatory voluntary contribution, for proletarian requisition (i.e., sale).

This comrade would be proud indeed to aver his support of the Party as Comrade_Tovarich@communistsforkerry.com. Imagine the warm feeling such inescapably proletarian emails will radiate into interlocutors at academic institutions, media outlets, and weblogs, many of whom are already receptive to our message and need only a slight nudge to be pushed into openly avowing their love of the John Kerryist path to Communism supremacy. Moreover, this comrade would be willing to selflessly surrender $10 to have it functional only until the Day of the Revolution (otherwise known as Election Day).

In your collective wisdom, I hope you will find this suggestion profitable. In case you don't, rest assured I have already begun self-criticism sessions.

Comrade Tovarich

The Party has always been responsive to the needs of the people, especially if capitalist exploitation units are involved. Consider it done, Comrade Tovarich! You are being awarded with an email address free of charge (this does not excuse you from making a voluntary contribution).


  • Type in your revolutionary name (nom de guerre) below. No spaces, no funny characters allowed. Use underscore (_) if necessary. Press SIGN UP! button.
  • Selflessly surrender ten capitalist exploitation units (aka "dollars"), to have the address in full operational capacity. In the "comments" field you may type other revolutionary names in case your first choice is unavailable.
  • Wait for a transmission from us. You will receive detailed instructions on how to start using your new account.
  • Spam and viruses are the inevitable evil of the capitalist system. Do not open any suspicious attachments even if they came from us. They may be sent by agent provocateurs posing as Communists For Kery. Trust no one, especially yourself!
Type in your revolutionary name: @CommunistsForKerry.com
(no spaces, no funny characters)

Our victory is most certainly assured, and is no doubt being collectively built. We will soon be able to take off the oppressive chains of the capitalist bourgeoisie, and walk freely locking hand and elbow into our new bright Communist future!

We've run into expenses building this site and spreading havoc on Union Square and beyond. If you like what you see, click below and donate a buck or two for the revolution!









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email address can sign in here:

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